Accept nuclear Iran or go to war: Mullahs claim

Nima Sharif

iran nuclearOkay; the international community has had it with Tehran’s clerics running a fundamentalist government there.  They have had it with mullahs’ aspiration to acquire nuclear weapons; mullahs just can’t be trusted with the technology. 

And the mullahs’ meddling in Iraq is also unbearable.  This country will not see a day of peace as long as the Iranian regime is sitting next to its boarders trying to extend the rule of its backwards version of Islamic Fundamentalism through Iraq to the whole Middle East. Correctly, Jalal Talebani, Iraq’s President told reporters recently that even the Iraqi insurgents consider Iran their most immediate and dangerous enemy.

And the terrorism this government finances and supports throughout the world is also unacceptable.  Not mentioning the dreadful situation of Human Rights and oppression of the people inside of Iran which is unbecoming of a country in today’s civilized world.

Further more, you can’t reason with Iran.  The mullahs played with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for 18 years hiding some of the most advanced nuclear enrichment and processing facilities from them. 

Also, the Europeans spent the last three years on fruitless talks just to see their Iranian counterpart Hassan Rohani, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator appear on the Iranian government controlled television and say aloud in the open, “hey, we fooled them.  We managed to buy three years of time to develop our technology without being sent to the Security Council.”  Managing three years of game play?  You have to hand it to them!

And where does the world stop?  The world stops when it falls into another trap setup by the mullahs.  The trap is an equation introduced by mullahs’ and their advocates in the West.  It says you either sit at the appeasement table with us so we can continue our never ending talks (and at the same time we can continue to develop nuclear weapons) or we go to “war.”

To prevent another war in the Middle East, we again start considering and contemplating a negotiation with the mullahs.  And there the mullahs have it. They have succeeded to buy the little time they needed and they didn’t even have to come to the negotiations.  They just made you lose your balance and hesitate for a minute and that’s all they want: merely time.

What is important to understand is that the equation is a political trick to bring everything to a halt and buy time for the mullahs.  It is missing a very important third parameter which is really the solution to the whole ordeal. The third parameter is the people of Iran and their aspiration to bring about a democratic change in their country.

The Iranian people are what the mullahs trying to hide in this picture. By denying the existence of this part the theocratic regime in Iran resolves that appeasement is the only alternative to war, but we must all remember that appeasement to Hitler finally lead to the World War II.