Confrontation: Iran’s choice

Contrary to what Iranian state media presents showing a “positive atmosphere” in nuclear talks between Tehran and the west, leaked details by international media speak of “final confrontation” between two sides, with one assertion that this confrontation is by Iran’s choice. An analyst from London Strategic Research Institute believes that setting a discussion date for January 18th, presents a delay in this confrontation, which keeps Europeans happy. But the set date is not that far.

An EU diplomat said that the west has warned Iran not to do anything that would be considered “enrichment activity” until January 18.

Aside from EU’s appeasement policy towards Iran, setting the grounds for this countries abuse, Tehran also has never intended in anyway to foreclose the attempt to acquire nuclear weapons. No matter which tactics the Europeans use to reach their sought after goals, Iran has used the talks from the beginning to simply “buy more time.”

A recent example of Tehran killing time is the game they have been playing with the “Russian Plan.” According to Pars news agency, while a Russian diplomat in Tehran announces that they gave an official letter to Iran last Saturday and are waiting for a response, Iran says that it has not heard about the plan yet.

What is left is the fact that “Tehran mullahs in order to survive the changes in the region are taking the confrontation path with the world and the Iranian people by choice. If some have closed their eyes to this reality up until now, Iran’s new president comments leave no more room for such imprudence.