Frank Sinatra’s Pianist Passes Away

Megan Shannon
(AHN) – Bill Miller, Frank Sinatra’s pianist for almost 50 years, died Tuesday at age 91 from complications of a heart attack.

Miller played alongside Sinatra until his last performance in 1995. He went into retirement but was coaxed back onto the stage by Frank Sinatra Jr. six months later.

The two played together until Miller broke his hip during a performance on July 1 in Canada. He then suffered a heart attack and died in a Montreal Hospital.

Frank Sinatra Jr. told the Times, "Bill Miller was the greatest accompanist that any popular singer ever had. There was no one who had his touch, no one who had his taste."

Miller was a self-taught pianist and had great success almost immediately. Early on in his career, Miller played for Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, and Charlie Barnet.

Sinatra’s guitarist Al Viola said, "There are lots of great piano players but to be an accompanist to a singer is really an art form. It’s a conversation, but you really have to listen and pay respect to the singer."