Historical and Judicial truth about Iran’s terrorism

Stephen Rajavi

Stephen Rajavi

Stephen Rajavi

The first day of spring this year, the Investigative Magistrate, Jacques Antenen in Canton of Vaud of Switzerland, issued an arrest warrant for the murderer of my father Kazem Rajavi.  Very soon, the computer monitors of all police stations around the world will display the name and face of Ali Fallahian, the former Intelligence Minister of the Iranian regime.

This will be a proud moment to remember for the judge in the town of Lausanne for bringing once again the “historical” and the “judicial” truth together.  No intelligent service had any doubts in the involvement of Iranian senior officials in this murder.

The theocracy of Rafsanjani, Iran’s President at the time of my father’s assassination and the current chief of Iran’s Expediency Council, and his predecessors must now answer.  While the sentence came in late but it displayed the Judiciary’s independence since no governmental ranks of command was able to interfere.  This is also the result of Vaud’s police hard work.

Just before the death of Ayatollah Rohollah Khomeini and the death decree against Salman Rushdi, Islamic Regime had adapted East Germany’s Intelligent Services during the 1950s. 

Dr. Kazem RajaviBetween 1994 and 1984, Tehran’s regime had assassinated over 250 opponents in 21 countries of the world.  In Paris, Shahpour Bakhtiar, Shah’s last Prime Minister, was brutally beheaded.

In Geneva, an honorable General, Moradi Talebi, was shutdown as his pregnant wife witnessed. 

And in Coppet, Switzerland a group of 13 Intelligence Services Agents gunned down my father.  All murderers carried official “On Duty” Iranian passports issued by then minister, Ali Fallahian. 

The Judiciaries of Germany, Argentina, and Switzerland disclosed Iran’s state-terrorism machine and its strategic basis in Europe, banking network and diplomatic covers. 

I have nothing to ease my mother’s pain who kissed her husband’s bleeding face and nothing to ease my brother and younger sister who suddenly lost their childhood in April 24, 1990.

For 15 years, we lived under the shadow of the Iranian terrorism and its agents’ disgraceful “judicial immunity.”  I have to admit the bitterness of the years that passed.

Now, this judgment for us is a reward for all those hard years gone by but yet beyond anything else it is a clear sign of democracy prevailing.

Today Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iranian President, calls the government of Israel a “tumor” and the Holocaust a myth. 

We must learn from history before the mullahs create disaster with their nuclear weapons.

There are many similarities between Nazism, Stalinism, and Islamic Fundamentalism.  These three totalitarian dictatorships are violent reactions to the new democratic order and the desire for freedom in the world.  They violently take control of people and utilize destructive anit-humanmethods.

Today, my father rests in his grave and I know he is smiling.  Justice has prevailed.