Iran – a prototype

The doctrine of Vellayat faghieh (the rule of the jurist) was first published by Khomeini in 1970. After assuming power in 1979 he completed this doctrine as “vellayate Motlaghe Faghieh” (the absolute rule of the Jurist).

The premise is that the “Vali” (the guardian or jurist) is the heir to the prophet of Islam. He has absolute power over every aspect of all people’s lives.

For the first time this concept, which is even a more comprehensive in the absoluteness of  holding of power than the Caliphe model put forward by sunni fundamentalists, has been institutionalised and incorporated in to the state constitution of a country.

This makes Iran the first prototype of “Islamic fundamentalism” for nearly 750 years.
On Khomeini’s instruction Ahmad Azari-Qomi a senior conservative Cleric, member of the “assembly of Experts” defined the extend of this absolute rule in a series of editorials published in Resalat newspaper on 14 august 1988:

The Velayat-e-faghih means absolute and legal guardianship of the people by the faqih. This applies to the entire world and all that exist in it whether earthbound or flying creatures, inanimate objects, plants, animals, and anything in anyway related to human life, Human affairs, belongings and assets. It also applies to gods religion whether the primary and secondary commandments, worship, politics, social or family affairs, and obligations and what Islam recommends tolerates or prohibits.

This absolute power identifies the first pillar on which fundamentalism stands, translating in to absolute authoritarian ship, resulting into terror and repression, specifically for woman.

Extreme barbarity and misogyny are the two legs of the fundamentalist’s internal policy.

26 years of fundamentalist rule in Iran talks for the severeness and the inhuman nature of this reign of terror.

– 120 thousands executions
– execution of children without even identifying them
– execution by throwing from a mountain
– stoning to death
– 600,000 arrests a year
– 500 thousand political prisoners who have undergone 74 forms of different  physical tortures.  These include:

– Amputation of fingers
– Burning
– Gauging out of eyeballs
– Lashing
– Electrical shocks
– Boxing the prisoner up for long periods
– Hanging from the ceiling
– Rape of men and women including gang rapes

– A devastated economy with over 85% of its population under the poverty line, 50% unemployed, over 50% addicted to drugs and 1.5 million street children. These have given rise to the formation of new industries such as child trade for paedophile purposes, selling of body parts, and sex slaves. This is at a time that for every dollar the price of oil increases, Iran earns 1 billion dollar more in revenue.

– But the harshness of this brutality is most severe in the case of women. Women are considered sub-humans whose primary function in society is restricted to giving birth and looking after children. All that to be done under the black veil. The pressure on Iranian women is such that well over 50% of the female population are ravaged.

Iran holds the most shocking statistic on the condition of women in the world:

– Over 10% of the adult female population have fallen in to prostitution, with Tehran alone housing some 600,000 prostitutes.
– 12% of women develop serious mental diseases
– Iran has the highest suicide rate in the world including the highest rates of immolation which resembles their protest and dismay.
– Nearly 2 million girls are on the run

The Ruling mullahs act as drug lords, they also run the sex slave trade, and yet their intolerance towards a small girl is such that for having an affair!! A 13 year old girl had been brutally lashed and was condemned to being stoned to death, even though it is a known fact that it is the mullahs themselves who have pioneered the selling of thousands of little girls to paedophiles abroad.

Another clear example was the case of a sixteen year old girl who was executed for having had a “sharp tong”.

Inhumanity and their absolute intolerance for any opposition climaxed in the massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners in less than 2 weeks during 1988.

These prisoners had already served their sentences. They were asked just one question and the ayatollah had decreed that any answer other than a strong yes would not suffice.

The question was:

Will you or will you not accept the “rule of the Ayatollah” and denounce the PMOI (the main opposition group in Iran)?

If the answer was yes, to prove his/her sincerity the prisoner would have to kill the next prisoner whose answer would be NO!!

So grave was the severity of this genocide that the successor to the supreme leader protested!