Iran, charging ahead with war

Nima Sharif

Ahmadinejad hitlerApril 30, 1945 Hitler committed suicide.  One week later, May 7 and 8, Nazi Germany’s army surrendered.  And that was the final scene of the biggest war in written human history that claimed the lives of 55 million people.

Those days the Fascist state considered any discontent and opposition to the war as a betrayal.  Hitler called his expansionism, extending German’s motherland and he depicted his war as a National war aiming to get back what was taken away from Germany.  With no shame, he considered the war a defensive one. 

Ironically at the same time when German tanks were maneuvering around in Belgium getting ready to overtake France, Hitler’s party staged an anti-war demonstration in Saarbrucken.  The Nazi peace advocates chanted, “Why fight? Let’s be friends” or, “We condemn war.”

And peace demonstration was the name for the charade the mullahs’ put together in Paris just last week.  Iran’s official and unofficial embassy cadres in Paris took to the streets (about a hundred of them) to “cry for peace.” 

The demonstration was a disaster because no one showed up and those passing by left as soon as they found out what the true nature of the organizers were.

It seems like the mullahs are trying to clone history using the same old methods and tactics used by their old friend, Adolf “advocating peace while waging a war.”   War mongers are truly the biggest hypocrites. 

Playing innocent, the mullahs for the past year have been trying to infiltrate the western peace movement, trying to use this movement’s legitimacy to their evil benefits and unfortunately they have been somewhat successful in places to recruit people, associations and websites.

It seems, Ahmadinejad and the company are dreaming of those demonstrations of millions in streets of Europe and the US, calling for peace, just before the war in Iraq.  They hope that such demonstrations would come to their aid and rescue and save them from the same destiny as Adolf.

What the child executioner, woman stoning, eye gouging terrorist mullahs are not considering is the massive internal discontent and the huge opposition that exists, trying to dethrone them.  The Iranian people are determined to bring about a democratic change in their country and the existence of such opposition eliminates the need for any war.

So if you want peace, don’t support a mullah, he just wants to use you to buy time to build his nuclear weapon.  And when he builds his nuclear weapon, then peace would be impossible and the war would be horrifyingly imminent.

Supporting the Iranian Resistance, besides taking the warmongering mullahs to the UN Security Council not only for their nuclear program but also for their Human Rights and dreading terrorist records and imposing complete all around sanctions would be the best alternative to all other solutions.