Iran dodging deadlines; Europe yet to take a firm stand

Incentive Packages

Solana delivered Europes Incentive package to Tehran on June 6.

Just before the 5+1 meeting in Paris on July 11, and the upcoming ‘G8’ summit in Petersburg, Russia, once again Iran’s nuclear standoff takes the center stage at the international scene.

The mullahs’ regime, after receiving the “incentive package” from 5+1 group, once again adapted the old “waist time” tactic and sent the Foreign Minister, Mottaki, and its nuclear negotiator, Larijani to some east-Asian and also European countries to attracted some support.

But as the observers and diplomats say, all parties approached including Russia and China called on Iran in one voice to reply positive to the 5+1 package of incentives, meaning to suspend uranium enrichment.

Last week, Mohammad ElBaradaie, head of International Atomic Energy Agency, warned Iran that the “international community’s patience” is running out.  European diplomats also commented that there is “not much maneuvering room left” and Iran’s answer to the package can be a “turning point” in how the international community would deal with this country.

Contrary to the claims made by Iran’s foreign ministry’s officials about having “negotiations on how the negotiations would proceed,” French foreign minister warned that there would be no such talks.

Further more, the foreign minister of Germany commented that “now it is all up to Iran, to proceed to the negotiating table or become internationally isolated.”

It is more apparent now that the mullahs are trying to somehow dodge the upcoming “G8” meeting decisions and continue to buy more time. 

All contradictory comments coming from Iranian officials during the past few weeks, are clear evidence to the fact that the chances given to this regime including the 5+1 package have only encouraged the mullahs in perusing their evil intentions.

Iran was quite firm up until last week that it will not reply to the incentive package offer earlier than late August.  But after the meeting with Solana, the European Union Secretary General, last Wednesday, when a little firmness was offered from the West, it announced that on Tuesday meeting, regime will give a preliminary reply.

What is quite evident from these and all previous observations, the solution to the Iranian nuclear standoff is not in packages of incentives but requires only firmness.