Iran, Get Out

It is little over two weeks after the elections in Iraq and now anyone with smallest familiarity with this region agrees that Iran staged “the biggest cheat in an election” that has ever happened in the history.
Iran Mullahs spent millions of dollars in order to achieve what their big leader Khomeini could not with the eight year war between Iran and Iraq during the 80s; to establish an Iranian style Islamic Republic in Iraq.

Tehran almost celebrated this victory way in advance before any official election results are announced. 
But as millions of Iraqis started pouring into the streets of Baghdad and other cities Mullahs’ sweet dreams started going sour.
According to “Al-Siade” and “Al-Zaman”, two major Iraq dailies, millions of people came out shouting “Iran, get out.”
At the same time about 45 Iraqi organizations and political parties have united to raise voice against Tehran’s mischief.
Well, no one knows what the outcome of international investigation would be but there is one thing for sure and that is the awakening of the people of Iraq and their awareness about the danger of being occupied by “fundamentalists.”