Iran mullahs’ nukes and veils

Mullah's nukesNowadays, if a government tries to acquire nuclear weapons, it maybe labeled as a warmonger.  You could say that such a government is trying to enter the world powers club and to gain the upper hand in the international balance of political power. 

But what if such a regime is at the same time arresting women in the streets for malveiling?

If nukes are good, then such a regime would have to accept the culture that comes with it and advance technologically in all fields. 

It would be odd to witness factories closing down one by one in a country and thousands of professionals, doctors and engineers leaving the country due to economic reasons and at the same time see advancement in nuclear technology.

But the greedy mullahs in Iran while striving to acquire nuclear weapons are promoting the most backward and decadent fundamentalist ideology in that country.  This ideology separates the regime in Tehran from your average-day dictatorships in other parts of the world. And that is why the mullahs’ actions can not be determined by any conventional means.

This phenomenon, as astonishing as it may be, is nonetheless a reality and it is us who have to reconsider the way we analyze and understand such phenomenon.

The European package of incentives has been presented to Iran.  The package is designed to encourage the mullahs to stop enrichment of uranium and come to the negotiations table with the West.

The mullahs in Tehran, on the other hand, have got a complete new game going. As one publication mentioned recently, the mullahs are now “negotiating on negotiations about the terms of their negotiations with Europe.” 

You see, you don’t have to be a politician to realize that Iran is simply buying time and trying to stall progress on its nuclear dossier at the United Nations Security Council for as long as possible.