Iran: We do not have much time

Appeasement to the mullahs will not prevent war but will in fact raise the possibility of it. 


The Iranian regime, by starting the enrichment process using the 164 centrifuge cascades, sent out a clear answer and a mere slap on the face to the United Nations Security Council’s Presidential Statement calling for a halt of regime’s enrichment activities. 

This is another indication that any type of hesitation will embolden the mullahs and encourage them to continue their misdeed.

Appeasement to the mullahs will not prevent war but will in fact raise the possibility of it.  The world has to react quickly.  We do not have much time.

The West fruitlessly has given all possible advantages to the mullahs for years.

Today the world stands at a dangerous crossroad.  On one hand, there is the outlook of possibility of a fundamentalist dictator acquiring nuclear weapons and on the other hand, there exists the prospect of another deadly war in the Middle East region.  However, the international community is not limited to choose between the two.  There is a third solution: a democratic change by the Iranian people and their organized resistance.

To support the Iranian people, the United Nations Security Council must immediately impose economical, diplomatic, and military embargo against the mullahs and remove all obstacles in the way of the Iranian resistance to enter the scene to bring about a “democratic change in Iran.”

The mullahs’ dreadful human rights record along with its 27 years of terrorist activities and support of terrorism around the world including the recent activities in Iraq for the past three years must be referred to the UN Security Council for immediate action.

In addition, the Iran’s permanent seat at the United Nations does not belong to the mullahs, as they do not represent the Iranian people.  The mullahs’ regime must be barred from the UN and the seats should be given to the Iranian Resistance as a sign of recognition of the “right of a people to resist tyranny.”