Iranian assassin, member of delegation to Sharm El-Sheikh

Sahraroudi in egypt

Iranian delegation to the Sharm El-Sheikh Conference. Sahraroudi can be seen at front to the left of the picture.

Stop Fundamentalism, May 16 – Iranian opposition sources reported today that a member of the Iranian delegation to the Sharm El-Sheick Conference in Egypt, May 3-4, had an international warrant issued to his name for taking part in 1989 assassination of Iranian Kurdish dissident leaders in Vienna, Austria.

“Mohammad Jafari-Sahraroudi was sent by the Mullahs regime to attend the international conference and was seated on the same table with about 50 Foreign Ministers of different countries,” the Naitonal Council of Resistance of Iran reported today on its website

Sahraroudi attended the conference as the delegation’s number two. 

Furthermore, the Iranian opposition reports that Sahraroudi was the main target of arrest for the American raid on Arbil, Iraq, January 11 when the US forces arrested 5 Iranian officials but Sahraroudi had already left just before the attack took place.

Washington Post on April 14, 2007 issue wrote, “An America official states that: United States targeted two high level Iranian officials in January. One was General Manouchehr Foruzandeh the director of Information for Revolutionary Guards Corp and the other Mohammad Jafari the deputy of High Commission of Security. Both escaped the arrest.”

According to the report Mohammad Jafari-Sahraroudi currently oversees the Iraqi affairs within the Security commission of the Mullahs’ regime and plays a key role in operations carried out by Iran in Iraq.