Iranians aspire to overthrow mullahs

Iran NuclearFalling into the hands of the United Nations Security Council, Iranian mullahs are now trying any possibility to slowdown the decision making process to somehow pass this crisis.

On one hand the mullahs are threatening that they are now a “nuclear power” and incase of any measure by the Security Council “Iran will change its behavior.”

The mullahs’ regime tried to misuse the International May Day to divert the worker demonstrators’ aims to display support for its nuclear weapons program; a plan that the brave Iranian workers, by denouncing regimes policies, did not let succeed.

The dictator mullahs ruling in Iran had planed for some time to stage a demonstration in front of the old US embassy for a crowd to chant slogans saying, “Having nuclear energy is our right.  But the workers started playing a different tune: “staging strikes is our right.” 

There were other calls by the workers such as calling on the Labor Minister to resign and so on.  The demonstrators completely ruined regime’s plans.

Other interesting slogans also accompanied the demonstrations: “let go of Palestine, think of something for us.”  And the demonstrators carried pieces of bread on a stick instead of placards.