Iran’s Ahmadinejad named predator of press freedom.

Agh Mahmoud

Uncle Mahmoud wants YOU to be the next
Nuclear Suicide Bomber

May 4, 2006 (Stop Fundamentalism) – Reporters without boarders named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the new president of Iran who took office in 2005, as a predator of press freedom. 

This exclusive club maintained by the organization expanded in 2005 to include Ahmadinejad, due to making inflammatory remarks as soon as he took office, forcing many newspapers to closedown.

According to this International Watch Organization for press freedom, predators are those people in powerful positions who are attacking journalists and media outlets.

Just two weeks ago Ahmadinejad welcomed himself to the World Nuclear Club in a special ceremony.  As it seems he is busy joining clubs around the world.

The older list that the organization had released also included Ali Khamanei, Iran’s Supreme Leader.  The organization recognizes Iran as the biggest prison for reporters in the Middle East.