Iran’s Ahmadinejad next stop: The ‘Hannah Montana’ Show

Mahmoud Loves AmericaAfter his debut at the Columbia University, we should let the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attend the ‘Hannah Montana’ show to further his campaign for peace, human rights and non-proliferation of WMDs.

Why not?  He love teens and really cares for them.

Or may be we should have Hannah extend her concert tour and make a stop in Tehran.  That way the god loving president would not have any trouble with some university deans and professors making a mockery of his innocent attempt to enlighten the academic community of his peaceful intentions.

The only problem then would be the Iranian students and their usual bad manner of demonstrating every time this university old-timer tries to make a statement there, accusing him of being a child killer for hanging just a few teens for their really bad behavior.

And wait.  There may be a problem of Islamic dress code also.  Not for the president but for Hannah.  Most probably she would have to wear a veil covering her and there is also the possibility of receiving 85 lashes in public according to Islamic code in case her hair is exposed at the show.  That would not look good for anyone, would it?

That explains why the public is really having trouble getting tickets to her concerts.  Guess what?  Mahmoud Ahmadinejd has bought all the tickets, to prevent such mishap.  This way when she goes to Tehran for the concert, she would not be persecuted by the local mullah for her misbehavior in the US.

You see?  He really cares for children.