Iran’s Ahmadinejad Shock-and-Awe Diplomacy

Nima Sharif

Mahmoud AhmadinejadThe surprising and unprecedented letter wrote by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to President George W. Bush Monday, was dismissed by the United States as “irrelevant and devoid of any concrete proposals” despite the international row it created.

Ahmadinejad in his letter expressed grave concern about the “failure of democracy in the world,” a striking statement from the biggest dictator of our time.

The letter also speaks of atrocities that still exist around the world, "How much longer will the blood of the innocent men, women and children be spilled on the streets, and people’s houses destroyed over their heads?” With over 150 executions since Ahmadinejad took office one may wonder which government he is referring to.

United States, on the other hand, responded in a very short comment by Condoleezza Rice when she said, “This letter is not the place that one would find an opening to engage on the nuclear issue or anything of that sort.”
While the letter did not address any issues related to the nuclear standoff between Iran and the world community, its release was carefully timed to be concurrent with a meeting by the United Nations Security Council veto wielding countries plus Germany deciding on how to proceed with Tehran’s nuclear program.

Understanding how badly the mullahs need time to complete their nuclear program, Ahmadinejad’s neo-diplomacy would not come as a surprise.  The eighteen page scribble of nonsense he wrote before all reveals the extent of weakness and disorder at the highest ranks of a Fascist theocracy that would do anything to buy just a little more time to be able to get one step closer to the bomb.

Realizing the real intention of the letter, which was to create enough turbulence to prevent any decision makings by the Security Council’s members, anymore delay’s in imposing sanctions would be inexcusable.