Iraq Central Bank: Reserves enough to support Iraqi dinar

Al-Sabah – sector in spite of the continuing violence and enough reserves are available to support the local currency.

Sinan Al-Shibibi, Governor of the Bank, emphasized the possibility of succeeding to maintain a stable financial status in Iraq if the reserves are enough to keep the currency exchange rate stable. He pointed out that the net foreign cash reached 10 billion USD at a rise estimated by 2 billion USD since last January. This matches the set down limit within the program of the International Monetary Fund.

Al-Shibibi said that increasing violence kept the inflation high about 10% over the set down limit of the Bank. Part of this is due to the unexpectedly high security costs. He anticipated that the country would not only maintain economic stability but also achieve more progress after the improvement of security status. Al-Shibibi pointed out that Iraq is on the right track in its financial reforms including: the change of banking system from one depending on cash to another depending on trust as well as improving banks’ managements and developing the technology they use to conclude transactions.