More men opt for cosmetic surgery to improve careers

By Nina Muslim

Gulfnews, Nov 4 – Beauty may be only skin deep, but more men in the UAE are going under the knife to get ahead professionally.

Plastic surgeons here are reporting an increase in surgical and non-surgical procedures for men, which they attributed largely to their patients’ career concerns in the competitive work environment here.

Better looking people are more likely to make more money and be more successful than their less attractive and short colleagues, according to studies done in the US and UK.

Dr Mohan Rangasarmy, specialist plastic surgeon at Welcare Hospital, told Gulf News that he has had patients who underwent procedures to look "more energetic".

"I had a guy last week who has a good job but people said he always looked tired. And in this part of the world, if you start looking tired, they might think you’re too old for the job and try to phase you out," he said.

He added that men now comprise about 30 per cent of patients in the plastic surgery department at the hospital, compared to about five per cent four years ago.

Popular procedures include removing excess fat from their belly and chest as well as Botox injections, rhinoplasty, eye lift, partial face lift and neck lift.

Other hospitals are reporting a similar increase. Dr Sanjay Parashar, visiting plastic surgeon at Jebel Ali Hospital, said he has treated more men since 2004 at the hospital and his Bur Dubai clinic.

He added that improvements to the appearance also helped the men to build confidence, cautioning patients against "unrealistic expectations" when undergoing cosmetic enhancements.

A pretty face does not guarantee success, however. Mike Hynes, a head hunter with the Kershaw Leonard Recruitment, said although good looks were important, they were not the only denominator in getting ahead.