Mullahs and Nukes

Pars News agency, with close ties to the Iranian supreme leader, Khamanei, on February 21 revealed the complete text of a speech by the former head of regime’s Security Council, cleric Hassan Rohani.

The speech contains revealing information about how the mullahs’ have been trying to acquire nuclear weapons. 

“According to our agreements we had to present an overall and complete picture of what we were doing to the International Atomic Energy Agency.” Rohani, who was also Iran’s head negotiator with the Europeans and the IAEA before Ahmadinejad became president, said adding, “If we did present a complete picture, we would be sent to the Security Council automatically. If we did not present a complete picture, then we would be sent to the Security Council for not meeting our obligations. So you see, no matter what choice we made, our dossier would go to the Security Council anyway.”

In his speech, Rohani reveals how the regime managed to deceive the Europeans during the negotiations to refrain from giving information about the sophisticated P2 Centrifuges to the IAEA. He also bragged about how they were able buy time during the 3-year negotiations period with the Europeans to complete the Isfahan UCF nuclear plant in secret.

So you see, if the appeasement policy up until now did not allow the world to open eyes and see a fascist dictator arming itself with the nuclear bomb, now that Iran has pulled the curtain off, waiting any longer only serves the whishes of the Mullahs’.