Obese parrot, plump dogs and capitalism

The American Thinker

An article in yesterday’s British Guardian reported with some alarm that

obesity among Britain’s pets has become so acute that three-quarters of vets now run fat clinics to combat the problem.

So dire things have gotten that even the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals got into the act with its inspectors attending to several cases which involved not only dogs but also a donkey and a parrot. As a result, the esteemed Society felt compelled to urge pet owners

to watch the weight of their pets and to stop feeding them junk food. It cited the case of a dog that had grown to almost double its normal weight after being fed a diet that included breakfast fry-ups.

I just can’t stop marveling at the prosperity-generating power of capitalism.

Has there ever before been a socio-economic system where pet obesity reached epidemic proportions?

Has any system come even close? Do you think they have these kinds of worries in Cuba, North Korea, Mozambique or Iran? And has any other socio-economic system ever produced a people so affluent that they would pay animal doctors to whip their over-indulged pets back into shape?

So capitalism is not only good for people’s standard of living (higher than in any other system), the environment (cleaner than in any other system), women (more equal than in any other system), minorities (better protected and well off than in any other system), but also for the stomach if not the vigor, of your favorite pet (more stuffed than in any other system). It is just too bad that people who profess to care deeply for all these things (liberals) tend to despise the very system that creates this amazing all-around well being, and fail to take responsibility for feeding their pets an unhealthy diet.

Please make sure that your parrot gets enough exercise. Otherwise the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will get on your case. But wait… Is not the very existence of this organization a testimony to capitalism’s phenomenal success? Where else would people have the money and leisure to sponsor an institution of this kind? Things just do not get any better than this for living creatures. And it is all a bit funny too.

And by the way, next time your favorite liberal starts complaining about how horrible and unjust capitalism is, just tell him to snap out of it.

Vasko Kohlmayer