Pressure mounts as Iran run’s out of time

mullahs going nukesNima Sharif
As the G8 meeting in St. Petersburg begins, Iran’s theocratic regime begins to feel the pressure to come up with a response to the package of incentives it was offered by the P5+1 countries on July 6.

At the start of the meeting of the G8 foreign ministers last week, French foreign minister Philippe Douste-Blazy announced a two-week deadline and emphasized that Iran must respond before the G8 heads of states meeting.

But most importantly, after the meeting by the group of eight countries’ foreign ministers, the group issued a statement calling on the Iranian regime to provide a “clear and upfront response.”  In this statement the eight countries use a strong tone and pressed that they were concerned about the absence of an official response from Iran.

The ministers also expressed that they want Iran to provide a clear answer at the meeting planed between EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana and the regime’s chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani on July 5.

Contrary to all the false news that the Iranian mullahs spread pertaining that Russia is opposed to the deadline set by France, Russia’s foreign minister also called on the regime to respond in the shortest span of time as possible.

The warnings are coming in quite late and are really not enough. The time that has already been given to the mullahs’ regime clearly has been used to race forward towards the development of nuclear weapons that this regime hopes to acquire. 

By showing their uncertainty and infirmness, the wobbly and shaky Western powers have presented the mullahs with most of the opportunities they seek.  These countries should think about the disastrous results that could follow their policies of continuous appeasement to fascist dictators and offering incentives where there should be sanctions.

Who doesn’t already know that the mullahs have exploited the negotiations with the EU-3 to the fullest to complete their nuclear plans – The plans that the world wants stopped.  Who is responsible for giving this much time to this regime?

As Iran’s former chief nuclear negotiator mullah Hassan Rowhani confessed, “It was the three year period we spent talking with Europe that gave us the time to complete and startup the Isfahan Nuclear Plant.” 

And as we saw in the latest example, when the Western powers “package of incentives” was given to the mullahs without any specific deadline set, the mullahs became encouraged and shamelessly announced the end of summer as the time for a response.

But what we must understand is who really will pay the price of this shakiness.  It is the people of Iran.

Nevertheless, the mullahs are wrong to imagine that they can again fool the world and buy even more time.  The situation has reached the point of no return and the mullahs are in a deadlock