Reckless young jet skiers dominate beaches at Abu Dhabi

Gulf News, August 18 – Abu Dhabi police have intensified efforts to make the city’s beaches safe for swimmers and visitors with a crackdown on reckless young jet skiers.

According to residents, the beaches have become unsafe for swimmers with increasing numbers of young jet skiers racing in the waters and straying too close to where people swim.

"Going to the beach near Ras Al Akhdhar has become a scary business," said Valeria Chiarentin, an Italian visitor.

She said it is frightening and dangerous when these young jet skiers get very close to swimmers, teasing and scaring them away.

"I appreciate the local authorities increasing the number of patrols in the waters to stop these jet skiers threatening the lives of swimmers, including women and children."

Philip Mathew, an Indian resident, said he and his family used to frequently go to the beach at Ras Al Akhdhar, but not any more

"The rowdy young jet skiers now dominate swimming areas. We are frightened to visit the beach. Instead, we take long drives and go to isolated beaches."