The Atomic Suicide Bomber

After two failed meetings with Russians last week, the Iranian officials head to Vienna this Friday to try their chances one more time with the EU-3 countries.

Amazingly, the Iranians have managed to come out of each meeting conveying to the media that the meetings were positive and successful.  The best example would be last Monday’s meeting with Russia. 

You may remember that suddenly on Monday morning all media started talking about a breakthrough agreement that Iran had reached with Russia.  It was only until the afternoon that the Russians came on television and completely denied everything that was said all morning by the Iranians: “What agreements?”

You see the question from Iran is very simple and that is “have you stopped uranium enrichment yet?”  Apparently, neither Europe nor the Russians are willing to step back from their position any longer, which is for Iran to freeze all enrichment activities before anything can be discussed in between.

According the AFP – France news agency – The European Union has warned Iran in writing that any development in negotiations depends on Iran and it must halt all uranium enrichment and cooperate with the IAEA inspections of nuclear sites in Iran.

In addition, the enrichment is where Iran cannot back off.  Iran’s foreign minister Mottaki, after visiting Japan said, “Iran will not stop its nuclear enrichment programs.”

Therefore, the final round is supposed to be on Monday March 6, when the 25 members of the IAEA board of governors will decide to send the matter to the Security Council.

Well, I hope it is not too late and I also hope that in the Security Council things would move faster than they did in the IAEA.  However, there is one thing and that is we should put a stop on Iran’s nuclear development.  If we do not, we will soon be dealing with atomic suicide bombers in Europe and the USA.