What does West’s incentive package mean to Iran

Iran Incentive Package from WestWe have been very outspoken regarding what the outcome of giving incentives and more time as a result to Iranian regime on this website.  What one of regime’s state-controled dailies has commented about the incentive package is quite noteworthy.  We publish the translation of these comments below without any changes.
Kayhan daily, June 7, commentary — What Javier Solana offered as a package of concessions to Iran is so worthless that it does not even merit a study.

But, the mere trend of giving concessions to Iran is not all that bad. This is only the beginning; the westerners will be coming to Iran a lot more bringing more concesWsions….

There are times when Iran can cause a hundred percent insecurity for the West in the region. That is to create a situation where the West would not feel secure even one little bit. Or it can reduce the threat from hundred percent to 10 percent. This would mean 90 percent security to the West in the region. But this has a price to pay.

In exchange for such a large volume of "security guarantees," they should offer political, economic and security guarantees to Tehran. Therefore, the concession offered to Iran would not mean that it should give up its nuclear technology and capabilities, but, for Iran not deploy it – to some extents not fully – against the West."