What happens to a Gas Station that doesn’t have any gas?

Stop Fundamentalism, June 30 – Well, here is what the Iranians answered.

Over 50 gas stations were burned over night by Iranians protesting a new fuel rationing law in Tehran and other cities, Wednesday, 27 June.

There had been talks about rationing for the past two months due to shortage of gasoline but no specific starting date had been set.

In a surprise move the Iranian regime announced Wednesday evening that in three hours rationing will take effect.  No prior notice was given.

Shortly after the announcement, thousands of cars lined up in streets hoping for a last chance to fill up.  They found most of the gas stations to be closed.

The new rationing law allows for only two litters of gas per day.

One protester told the cameras, "My car is the way I earn a living.  Please tell me how I’m going to manage with only two litters a day?"

Another protestor said, "Before Mr. Ahmadinejad became president, he told the public that he will bring the oil income into our homes at the dinner table.  I say to him now that I don’t want the oil money, please just don’t takeaway what little there is right now."

Despite being a major oil producing country, Iran imports over 50% of its car fuel. 

United Nations Security Council has imposed sanctions on Iran due to its refusal to freeze its suspicious uranium enrichment program.  After three consecutive UNSC Resolutions, Iranian regime is beginning to feel the squeeze.