Camp Ashraf Massacre

On April 8 2011, early in the morning, the military forces of Iraqi government, about 2500 of them, stormed the campground of the main Iranian opposition movement, the Mujahedin Organization of Iran. They killed 34 people including 8 women and wounded many others.

The assualt later was named a “massacre”.  The attack was on unarmed civilians and they were shot directly by the Iraqi forces.  The following is a listing of the articles published in our website Stop Fundamentalism.

Iraqi Armored Vehicles Occupy Camp Ashraf North of Baghdad

… So far 30 BMP armored personnel carriers and Humvees have moved in and stationed inside the camp, ….

Iraqi Forces Mobilize to Clampdown on Camp Ashraf Home of PMOI (MEK)

The secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the Iranian Opposition released a statement today, warning about an imminent attack on Camp Ashraf by Nuri al-Maliki forces.


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