Ashraf Residents on Hunger Strike for release of 36 Captive Members

Iraqi attack on Ashraf residents on July 28 has claimed the lives of 11 people
Attack on Ashraf

Stop Fundamentalism – Members of Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), the Iranian main opposition movement stationed in Iraq, are on a hunger strike after the attacks of July 28 when Iraqi forces stormed camp Ashraf killing 8 and wounding about 500 members of this community.

Iraqi attack on Ashraf residents on July 28 has claimed the lives of 11 peopleThe number of those killed has risen since the event from 8 to 11, the organization announced yesterday.

PMOI has called for the release of its 36 members who have been incarcerated by Iraqi forces.  The organization believes that they are in danger of being extradited to Iran where they will face inhuman treatment at the hands of the Iranian regime and it is concerned that the 36 members are physically and mentally in a very bad condition.

The members in camp Ashraf continue their strike to oppose the crimes committed against them on July 28.  They demand departure of the Iraqi forces from the camp and freedom of arrested members.  They also call for legal action against those who have participated in the attack.

Ali, a camp resident says, “our strike continues while food and medical supplies are blocked from entering the camp by Iraqi forces.” The strike participant adds, “The 36 members who have been abducted are injured and some are in critical condition and we worry about them.”

The camp residents call on people of Iraq, international and human rights organizations to step in to guarantee their protection and the release of those taken in custody.

“The people of Iraq do not approve of the mal-treatment the Ashraf residents have received by their government.”