Arab League and Turkey on Syrian Crisis

Stop Fundamentalism – Arab league members and Turkey jointly called for immediate protection of protesters in Syria as Assad regime’s violence against them continues.  The foreign ministers had come together in Rabat for a crisis meeting on Syria to plan on how to stop further bloodshed in that country.

The statement released in Rabat today also urged for non-interference by foreign countries. There have been reports of bus loads of tugs and militias coming in to Syria from Iraq to help Assad crackdown on Syrian demonstrators.  Iran and Iraq have been outspoken supporters of Assad regime since the start of uprising in that country back in March.

21 people were killed in Syria today by gunshots fired by security forces in various parts of the country, said Aljazeera television.

The Syrian Free Army, comprised of defected military personnel claimed today that thousands of Syrian military personnel have joined their army to defend protesters.

France called in its ambassador to Syria, said foreign minister Alain Juppe on Wednesday, joining United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar that recalled their ambassadors earlier.

“There has been renewed violence in Syria, which has led me to close our consular offices in Aleppo and in Latakia, as well as our cultural institutes and to recall our ambassador to Paris,” Juppe said speaking at the French parliament.

United Nations Security Council condemned attacks on foreign missions in Syrian.  Jordan, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia missions have been targeted by Syrians as a reaction for criticizing Assad’s regime for repression of Syrian people.