British Born Wife of Assad Should Break Silence – AI

Stop Fundamentalism – Amnesty International called on Asma al-Assad, the British born wife of Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad, to break silence and speak out on behalf of Syrian people and specially the Syrian women. 

Amnesty’s statement came as the International Women’s Day is approaching on Thursday, March 8. 

Amnesty is calling on Asma Al-Assad to take a stand with the women of Syria and condemn the brutal crackdown of the Syrian people that has left over 6000 people dead, “including 200 women and girls,” says Amnesty it the statement.

Amnesty says that some women human rights defenders in Syrian have been forced into hiding and some have fled the country.  Amnesty continues that the image is at odds with Syrian first lady as she used to be an advocate of charity and social causes and women’s rights.  Amnesty reminded Asma Al-Assad that human rights and women’s rights are universal values and must be respected in Syrian as well.

On Thursday March 8, Amnesty International is asking people all around the world to take a stand with the women of Syria.

It is said that Asma Al-Assad had left the country since the unrest began and is current staying in London.

To Write to the First Lady of Syria go here