Iran Deeply Involved in Syrian Crackdown on Opposition

Stop Fundamentalism – Nazal Darwish, a political coordinator for the Syrian opposition told Al-Jazira that Iran provides logistics to the Syrian officials to control communications. He also referred to a considerable number of Iranian Revolutionary Guards members arrested by Syrian opposition forces showing how involved Iran is in Syria.

Syrian opposition forces released a video clip Sunday showing 48 Iranians, who were traveling by a bus in Syria and were arrested by the Syrian Liberation Army forces, are members and officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps.  The passengers carried identification cards that associated them with the force.

Iran claims that the detainees are pilgrims and called for their immediate release.

Information provided by the Iranian opposition, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK, show that the 48 Iranians arrested by the Syrian Liberation Army, were part of a group of 150 of Revolutionary Guards members who flew to Damascus from Tehran aboard a Mahan Air plane.  According to MEK, Tehran continues to send its Quds force operatives, carrying forged documents as pilgrims, to help Assad regime crackdown on its opposition.

Darwish said Syria is an important pillar for Iranian regime’s stability and following the uprising in 2009 in Iran, the clerics worry about their own grip on power. 

Iranian Saied Jalili, Senior Secretary for the country’s National Security Council, who was in Damascus yesterday, August 8, on a surprise visit, asked Iraq to permit more Iranian plane to pass through its airspace taking arms to Syria.  Iraqi officials in Baghdad said that Jalili called for adding more flights through Iraq’s airspace to transfer arms to Syria during the next two days, immediately after he arrived in Baghdad today.