Iran Jamming Arabsat Al-Jazeera Network Television Programming

Stop Fundamentalism – Al-Jazeera news network announced Tuesday that its programming signal through Arabsat is being jammed from two locations in Iran.

The Qatar-based network says it has been experiencing continuing disruptions for months on its news program and just recently found that Iran is the source for the interference.

“Over the past few months, Al-Jazeera has faced sustained interference to its satellite transmission,” said Al-Jazeera Network in a statement Sunday announcing a new frequency on Arabsat for its program views.  The new frequency is 1`1334V says the statement.

The two locations in Iran that are said to be the source of interference by Arabsat are one near Tehran and the other near the Iranian northwestern city of Marageh.

Al-Jazeera has been under growing pressure from region’s dictators for its coverage of Arab Spring uprising and Iran has specifically criticized the channel television for its coverage of protests in Syria which is an ally to Iran. 

The news program heavily relies on citizen journalism and footage posted on YouTube and internet from Syrian activists taken by mobile phones and webcams.