Iran wants to be Role Model for Arab Spring Nations

Stop Fundamentalism – Head of Iranian Islamic Culture and Communication Agency, Mohammad Bagher Khoramshad, told reporters today that the Islamic Republic is ready to share its experience and scientific accomplishments with the Muslim people of Egypt.   This is yet another attempt by Iranian officials to show their aspiration to expand their version of Islamic government in nations that are freeing themselves from dictatorships in Arab Spring.

Since the Arab Spring started Iranian regime has not tried to hid its interest to be a role modle for the people of the region to follow.  But recently even the most fanatic Islamic groups in the region are keeping distance and expressing despise from the regime.

The chances that the all Sunni population of Egypt be attracted to the Iranian mullahs’ version of Islamic rule seem very slim.

“Iran is a good model for a religious democracy,” said Khoramshad to a delegation of 31 Egyptian women visiting Iran, “This model can have good usage for the people of Egypt.”

“It has taken a lot of hardship for the Iranian revolution to get to the point where it stands right now. The Islamic Republic has managed to advance in many scientific fields,” said Khoramshahi to the Egyption women delegation.

The Egyption group was invited to visit Iran by the Iranian government’s Women and Family affairs Agency.

Iranian women are among the most oppressed women in the region under the rule of the mullahs’ regime.

Iran maintains one of the worst records of human rights violations in the wolrd according to Amnesty International and many other international right groups.  The number of executions in Iran is the highest in the world only second to china but considering the size of population of the two countries Iran should receive the top spot.