Iranian Operatives Captured in Syria Aiding Assad Forces

Stop Fundamentalism – A paramilitary group that belongs to the Syrian Free Army says it has captured a group of armed Iranians in the city of Homs.  The group uploaded a video clip of the men on Youtube showing they carry Iranian documents and speak Farsi.

“We receive direct orders from security and intelligence forces in Homs,” said one of the men on video, having a dark beard covering most of his face. The man was showing his identification card to the camera.

The Iranian regime has been supporting the Bashar al-Assad in Syrian to stay in power.  Other Iranian agents have been arrested by opposition forces in the past and some have just gone missing. Many Syrian protesters have observed Iranian sharpshooters on top of building targeting demonstrators in streets.

The group claimed that they had come to Syria going through Iraq to visit religious sites in Syria.