Iranian Quds Force Among Dead In Syria

Stop Fundamentalism – Amid rising clashes in Syria between Assad forces and Syrian people, and climbing number of victims in that country as a result, an internal Iranian IRGC source says that a considerable number of bodies of revolutionary guards members killed in Syria have secretly been transferring to Iran from that country during the past few days.

The bodies apparently belong to members of the Quds Force, the external division of the Iranian IRGC (Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps) who have been killed in clashes with the Syrian people and their Liberation Army.

The IRGC Quds Force operates exclusive flights on daily basis to Damascus.  It is speculated that arms, ammunition, and elements of the Quds forces are transferred with these flights to Syria to confront the Liberation Army and repress the Syrian protests and uprising.

According to the internal IRGC source the corpses are secretly transferred to Tehran airport and they are then taken to the cemetery over night. 

The fallout from the Syrian army and the number of defectors who join the Syrian Liberation Army has been growing. It can be imagined that what keeps the Bashar Al-Assad government capability to continue crackdown is no longer coming from inside but it is from the Iranian regime.

“If it was not for the help from Quds brothers, may be the turn of events in Syria would not be the same now,” said Ali Akbar Velayati, religious Supreme Leader Ali Khamenie’s High Council on February 23.

Stressing on the role the Quds forces play in Syria, Velayati who was speaking to a crowed of IRGC personnel said, “Iran, Iraq, and Hezbollah are standing strongly by the side of Syria.”

Further reports indicate that Brigadier General Ghasem Soleimani, is heading IRGC Quds force operations in Syria personally.