Iranian Regime Warns Users about Google Plus

Stop Fundamentalism, 20 August 2011 – During an exhibition to show Ayatollahs capabilities in cyber warfare in Tehran, an Iranian internet official told reporters that, “Social networks such as Google Plus pose extreme danger for Iranian internet surfers.”

He said that such social tools are play grounds for enemies and asked Iranian’s active in social space not to enter these networks.

He did not elaborate why the Iranian regime is so much concerned about the social media.

The protests in Iran that took place after the stolen elections of 2009 were broadly recognized as a social networking revolution or more specifically a “twitter revolution.”  Experts also consider most of the events in the Arab world currently in progress known as the “Arab Spring” to be instigated on social networks.

Earlier reports indicated that Iran has blocked Facebook in Iran however many Iranians have ways of bypassing regime’s filtering mechanism to connect with the outside world.

Google plus is a new social media tool recently introduced by Google.  It is mainly a “1+” button that can usually be seen on Google search and participating websites that can help users promote their favorite content.