Syria – Crime Against Humanity in Progress

Stop Fundamentalism – Latest report by the Human Rights Council of United Nations in which Syrian dictator was accused of committing ‘Crime Against Humanity’, was protested by the Iranian regime.

“This will open a new way that would undermine the UN General Assembly’s impartiality and the Islamic Republic will protest it,” said Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations General Assembly, today.

In the meantime, the Iranian Ambassador to France, Ali Ahani, also lauded this country’s support for the Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad.

The Iranian regime has been openly supporting the Assad regime in Syria ever since the uprising in that country started in mid March, last year. 

Albabelia TV reported on 13 February that Iran has sent 15,000 troops affiliated to Quds forces to Syria to help Assad government clampdown on dissent. 

Also the French publication, La Figaro, wrote today that, ”lately some emails have been surfaced on the internet showing Tehran’s regime has helped some One billion Dollars to the regime in Damascus.” According to these documents, the Iranian regime is trying to save the Bashar Al-Assad regime from bankruptcy that is resulted from international sanctions, to ensure survival of a regime that is very close to the ruling Ayatollahs in Iran.

The General Assembly of the United Nations will hold a meeting Thursday February 16 to vote on a resolution against Syria. The draft of the resolution was introduced by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The draft is expected to be adopted.

The draft calls for the deployment of the UN peace keeping forces to Syria.  It also supports the Arab League plan for a democratic transition in that country.

The United Nation says at least 300 have died in Syria during the past 10 days.  City of Homs is the target of heavy shelling during the same time and the city is under siege by Assad’s military forces.