Syrian Protests Continue as Obama Calls for Assad to Leave

Stop Fundamentalism, 18 August 2011 – Wednesday 9 people were killed by the military forces of Syrian President Assad in the city of Hama. 

Some of those killed, died near a mosque where a number of demonstrators were chanting and calling for overthrow of Assad, after the afternoon prayer and in time for Eftar (time of breaking fast during the month of Ramadan).

Syrian demonstrators condemned the killing of Palestinian refugees in a camp by Latakia and chanted in their support.

United Nations has reported that between five to ten thousand Palestinian refugees are forced to leave their homes in a camp near the portal city of Latakia.

For the first time since the start of the Syrian uprising, the United States President Obama called on Bashar Assad to leave power.

Obama emphasized that the US government has repeatedly said that Bashar Assad should initiate a democratic transition or step aside.  But he has not done so.  Obama noted that Bashar Assad removal will be for the best interest of the Syrian people and also mentioned that heavy sanctions against Syrians including asset freeze and investment limitations will be imposed.

Also the European Union High Representative, Catherine Ashton said that Assad has lost its legitimacy and called on him to step aside.

Also leaders of Germany, France, and United Kingdom in a joint statement called on Bashar Assad to respect the wishes of his people and leave power.