Trapped Journalists in Homs, Syria Call for Help

Stop Fundamentalism – Sunday Times Photographer, Paul Conroy, and Le Figaro’s reporter, Edith Bouvier have appeared on YouTube released videos calling for help.

The two journalists both appear to be injured but in good condition.  They seem to be in the same medical facility.  Paul made sure on the video that the viewers know he is not a captive but a patient who is being cared for by medical staff of the clinic.

A rocket hit in the surrounding buildings while Paul’s Doctor was explaining his condition on the video.

Three journalists died this week as a result of Syrian forces continued intense shelling of the city of Homs. International reporter Marie Colvin and the French photojournalist Rémi Ochlik were killed when their press center came under fire.  Also a local videographer Rami al-Sayed died while covering a bombardment on Tuesday. At least three other journalists have been reported injured.

The video’s were posted on YouTube and emailed to news organizations by activists opposed to Bashar al-Assad.


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