Young Woman’s Death Anger’s Syrian Protesters

Stop Fundamentalism – Clashes between demonstrators and Syrian military and government forces continued throughout last week leaving many protesters dead.  Also reports of activists being killed and tortured at the hands of government forces and the level of brutality used is capturing much media attention nowadays. 

One major disturbing story has been about an 18-year-old girl named Zeinab al-Hassani whose mutilated body was found by her mother apparently on accident as she was trying to get the body of her activist sun from the government forces. 

The girl was arrested by government forces as the family says in order for Assad forces to open a venue to the brother.  The family was promised that she would be released when her brother turned himself in and cooperated.

Zeinab was decapitated and her hands were cutoff.  Part of her skin was also removed.  She may be the first female dying in custody of Assad forces after the Syrian uprising began in March, say Syrian human rights activists. She was born and lived in the city of Homs.

Homs has been the scene of major protests against Bashar al-Assad’s rule.  Activists say at least 15 have been killed in that city by Syrian forces. 

Amnesty International says that since March at least 103 people have been killed in custody in Syria.  AI also considers Zeinab’s death to be one of the most brutal cases reported since the uprising began.

According to United Nations reports at least 2700 people have died in Syria during the unrests.

Bashar al-Assad blames the country’s situation to foreign powers and states that they are trying to divide the country disguised as pro-democracy movement.

Also Syrian activist websites report that at least a dozen protesters were killed yesterday in clashes in central Syria.

Soldiers and tanks continue to occupy the Syrian capital.

EU and US have imposed serious sanctions on Syrain government.  New European Union sanctions against Damascus took effect on Saturday that imposes penalties on several Syrian entities.

Several world leaders urged the U.N. Security Council earlier this week to put greater pressure on Assad’s government.