German Paper: Iran Tests Nuclear Weapons in North Korea

Stop Fundamentalism – German language news publications reported last week that Iran and North Korea have cooperated in a number of nuclear tests in early 2010.  Die Welt newspaper reported Sunday that Iran has completed at least one nuclear weapons test in North Korea in 2010, says the website of Radio Farda, a Persian language radio program based in Europe.

Quoting its “western security sources” Die Welt says that the tests contradicts findings of U.S. security agencies that believe Iran is not moving towards building nuclear arms.

Two recent trips by a UN nuclear watchdog delegation to Tehran proved unsuccessful when Iranian authorities refused to allow the agency experts visit an Iranian suspicious nuclear site by the name of Parchin.  The site is located in a military zone and the IAEA believed that Iranian government has tested a nuclear trigger in this location. If true, the test proves that Iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon as such technology would not have any peaceful purpose.

Die Welt says that the reports of the nuclear test in North Korea was first published by the ‘Nature’ science magazine back in April revealing reports from a Swedish physicists who investigated the evidence.

After a year of study, the Swedish scientist concluded that in April and May 2010, two small nuclear explosions had taken place in North Korea that was the result of uranium bombs, linking the tests to Iran.

The subject of Iranian nuclear program and preventing the country from becoming a nuclear capable state has been a major discussion point in American presidential race. 

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is trying to make Obama look weak on Iran.  He said Sunday in Georgia that,”Iran would obtain nuclear weapons,” unless voters replaced him instead of Obama in the Whitehouse.

“It’s pretty straightforward in my view. If Barack Obama is re-elected, Iran will have a nuclear weapon and the world will change,” said Romney in Snellville, Georgia talking to a crowd of 2000 supporters, reports AFP.

Obama has vowed to lobbying group AIPAC that he will use force against Iran if necessary but insisted that sanctions are working.