Graph Shows Iran Computer Testing Nuclear Weapons

Stop Fundamentalism – A scientific graph that shows Iranians worked on producing nuclear weapons was revealed today by Associated Press.  The evidence further raises tensions between Iranian regime and the west over the country’s nuclear program.

Iran claims that its nuclear ambitions are aimed at peaceful applications of the technology but the program has been looked at suspiciously by the west as one having  military objectives.  For one thing, Iran is not cooperating with the International Atomic Energy Agency, allowing it to inspect its nuclear sites and is yet to allow the agency visit Parchin which is suspected for being a test site for nuclear triggers.

The graph is of a computer simulation of a nuclear blast which is apparently part of a series of graphs.  Power vs. time, the diagram plots a force three times greater than the bomb used on Hiroshima by the United States in 1945.

The source of the diagram is said to be an unknown country opposed to the notion of Iran being armed with nuclear weapons.  Diplomats say that Israel and the United States have supplied intelligence to the IAEA in the past.

Previously the IAEA had reported that it has found diagrams showing Iran’s calculations of ‘nuclear explosive yield’ but it never revealed details. The agency says it cannot perceive any other application for such study other than producing a nuclear bomb.

Facing increasing international sanctions which are chocking the country’s already fragile economy, Iran has been refusing to stop its uranium enrichment.