IAEA Nuclear Experts to Visit Iran

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian authorities will be given a chance to prove their nuclear development program has peaceful intentions. 

A team of experts from International Atomic Energy Agency will be visiting Iran 29-31 January to  “resolve all outstanding substantive issues,” says a statement released by the IAEA on 23 January.

The expert team will be headed by Deputy Director General for Safeguards, Herman Nackaerts. 

‘The Agency team is going to Iran in a constructive spirit, and we trust that Iran will work with us in that same spirit,’ IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano said ahead of the visit.

Iran has been under mounting international pressures to come clean about its clandestine nuclear program which is suspected by many to have military aims.  The country has recently moved its uranium enrichment activity underground to a facility near Qom.  International authorities consider the move another sign that Iran is closing in on the final stages of producing nuclear bomb.

The European Countries announced an overall embargo against Iranian oil import to Europe that will take effect before July to persuade Iran to freeze its enrichment program and open the doors to observers proving peacefulness of its activities.