Iran Denies Nuclear Enrichment Halt

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran continues its uranium enrichment to 20 percent purity as usual, Iranian state-run Fars News agency reported from official government sources yesterday.

“There has been no change and 20 percent uranium enrichment process continues as before in Iran,” an informed source told Fars News reporter yesterday, adding “information about Iran’s nuclear program is only credible when published by the office of National Security High Council.”

There were some reports of a partial halt to the Iranian nuclear enrichment program as a gesture of goodwill by Iran just before further negotiations with United States over the country’s suspicious nuclear program next week.

“The move was aimed at softening Iran’s position before a new round of scheduled talks with the United States after this week’s presidential elections,” a parliamentary source in Iran was quoted by Associated Press yesterday.  The source expressed hope that the sanctions would be lifted in return for Iran’s action, “otherwise the program would resume.”

Iran’s economy has suffered, specially recently, as its currency value fell considerably relative to foreign currencies.  Observers credit the fall to crippling sanctions implemented by the United States and its European alleys.  The measures against the country, aim to encourage Iran to stop its nuclear program which many suspect to have a military dimension.