Iran Fears IAEA Amano’s Visit to Tehran will Effect Baghdad Talks

Stop Fundamentalism – An internal IRGC report considers Amano’s urgent travel to Iran very important. “On the surface, Amano and his accompanying delegation are coming to Iran to talk about modalities of solving issues specially regarding the Parchin site,” says the report warning that, “however, It seems the place where these discussions are intended to be used is in Baghdad.”

The Report warns Iranian officials that the result of Monday’s Amano visit may have considerable effect on the discussions and demands made by western powers from Iran during Baghdad meeting on May 23.

Iranian officials met with P5+1 countries last month in Istanbul agreeing to have a follow up meeting this week on Wednesday in Baghdad.  At the same time, the nuclear watchdog agency of the United Nations, IAEA, has been pressing Iran since early this year to open the doors to a secret nuclear site inside a military zone near Tehran called Parchin.

Iranians are suspected of having tested a nuclear trigger mechanism inside an explosive test chamber in this facility.  The test would only prove that Iran’s nuclear program is in fact a weapons program.

But until now Iran has not allowed any visit to the site by the UN nuclear inspectors.  That included last week’s talks in Vienna between the IAEA and Iranian delegation when the talks that was being held inside Iranian embassy suddenly came to a halt after five hours without any news briefing.

It is said that the IAEA has asked for access to the Parchin site for more than ten times by now and has been rejected evertime by Iranian officials.

But the next day, the two sides announced their satisfaction about the talks in Vienna and said they will continue this week. That was today. 

Suddenly by the end of last week the head of IAEA, Yukiya Amano, announced that he will be traveling to Iran on Monday and IAEA canceled Vienna’s scheduled plan.

Amano and his team landed in Tehran early morning Monday.

The sources say the IAEA was determined to finalize a deal with Iran to visit Parchin during last week’s talks in Vienna.  That was because western countries wanted to have a definite answer to whether Iranian regime will in fact allow such visit to IAEA or not. 

But in a counter move, the Iranian regime asked IAEA for documents the agency has regarding the country’s nuclear activities at Parchin.  The agency was supposed to present the documents today. This would allow the Iranian regime to postpone any response until after the documents are studied (that would be after Baghdad). 

This way Iran would give a message to the Baghdad meeting that it is showing some sort of leniency and participation with IAEA’s Parchin visit request while at the same time it has not allowed any actual visits to the site. Iran hoped this would stall sanctions west is planning to put into effect by July this year.

But by traveling to Tehran, the IAEA head Yukiya Amano, hopes to have countered Iran’s tactic, taking things directly to the determination point with this country before Baghdad P5+1 meeting.

The IRGC internal report also says that Amano personally canceled Monday’s meeting in Vienna and then insisted to travel to Tehran where he met Iran’s nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, and Ali Salehi, Iran’s Foreign Minister.

Today’s visit was Amano’s first visit to Tehran since he became the IAEA head in 2009.

Jalili left Tehran for Baghdad today after meeting Amano to prepare for Baghdad negotiations.

Report by: Stop Fundamentalism