Iran Has to Demonstrate it is serious: Secretary Clinton

Stop Fundamentalism – In her remarks during a press conference at the State Department, following the G8 ministerial meeting in Washington, Secretary Clinton warned ahead of talks with Iran in Istanbul, scheduled for this weekend that, “Iran, in coming to the table, needs to demonstrate that they are serious.”

The P5+1 meeting with Iran in Istanbul will be for the western countries to persuade Iran to stop its nuclear program which many say is aimed to develop weapons.

Iran earlier rejected Turkey as the host to the meeting and suggested that it take place in Damascus or Baghdad but later backed down when western countries showed no intention to change the place of the meeting.

“We are united in our resolve and expectation that Iran will come to the talks prepared,” stressed Secretary Clinton responding to a question from reporters at the press conference.  She added, “We want them to demonstrate clearly in the actions they propose that they have truly abandoned any nuclear weapons ambition.”

Clinton said that the US has worked very closely both inside the government and also with P5+1 to prepare for this meeting.  She said Baroness Catherine Ashton, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs of the European Union, will be leading the group in Istanbul during the negotiations. 

Secretary Clinton stressed that the group is united in expectations it has from Iran. She cautioned Iranian leaders that, “The diplomatic window for negotiations is open but will not remain open forever.”  “We will,” she continued, “certainly proceed in a very expeditious and diligent manner in a sustained way to determine whether there is the potential for an agreement.”

Iran says it is coming to the meeting with new ideas and plans. 

Iranians twice refused visit requested by IAEA inspectors to a suspected nuclear site named Parchin earlier this year.  IAEA says Iran has tested a nuclear trigger at the site which is located inside a military zone.