Iran – Three Day War Games in Progress – Missiles being Tested

Mullahs Watching Missile Launch

Stop Fundamentalism, Sept 27, 2009 – The Iranian regime is testing a new range of missiles during a two day drill named ‘The Great Profit”, Says the commander of the Revolutionary Guards Air Force.  “The maneuver has three phases, one that has begun on Sunday morning, September 27. The second phase will be Mullahs Watching Missile Launchat Sunday night and on Monday, the third phase will take place,” continued Salami.

 According to sources, the first phase will include the Fateh-110 short range missiles and also the marine ‘Thunder-69.  The surface-to-surface Zalzal series could also be part of the test.

On its state-run television, the Iranian regime has confirmed the location of the tests to be near Quom, the site of an extensive underground nuclear development plant recently revealed by IAEA which created an uproar during last week’s presidential summit in United States.

The second phase of the war games will include the launch of Shihab-1 and 2 missiles and on third phase the shihab-3 missiles will be tested.

Officials have not yet mentioned any plans for Ghadr and Sejjil missile series but their testing will probably be part of the plan.

According to regime sources, a new navigational system is part of the new technology used on these missiles.

Salami announced the purpose of these war games to be “defensive”.

During the first four years of Ahmadinejad rule, the clerical regime has spent a lot of energy and resources on expanding its missile capabilities.  Some sources speculate the speed has gone up ten times, recently during Ahmadinejad’s second presidential term.

The range of the missiles being tested are repeatedly announced to be at 2000 kilometers but it is said that the regime has no problem extending these ranges and as some sources say, Tehran can reach up to 3000 kilometers with its missiles.  The reason that the real range of the missiles are not revealed is that at 3000 kilometers many European cities including Paris will be at reach and regime does not want to trigger international alarms.

A recent advancement has been the introduction of solid fuel to regime’s long range missiles. The Sejjil series is mainly a solid fuel missile type.

Other advancements could be considered the use of two phase missile systems which will help extend the range of the missiles.