Iranian Authorities Deny Explosion in Isfehan

Satellite image of Isfahan nuclear facilities
Satellite image of Isfahan nuclear facilities

Satellite image of Isfahan nuclear facilities

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian officials are rejecting news of an explosion near the central city of Isfahan after some news agencies reported a terrifying explosion sound that was heard in various parts of the city Monday.  Reports also indicate fire trucks started moving rapidly inside the city sounding sirens following the sound.

A security official in Isfahan categorically denied the existence of any reports about an explosion sound in the city saying no agency has reported hearing it.

An explosion that occurred two weeks ago in an IRGC ballistic missile base near Tehran killing up to 36 IRGC personnel according to some reports including Iran’s top military missile expert, General Hasan Moghaddam .  Observers believe Moghaddam was there to test fire a new missile when something went wrong and the missile exploded.

Mark Toner at the State Department briefing told reporters that “we don’t have any information other than what we’ve seen in the press,” and he added that the State Department is looking into the matter.

Isfahan is near a major uranium conversion plant that has been in operation since 2004 and make an important part of Iran’s nuclear development facilities.  The plant is under IAEA survilance.

Some local resident talking to Guardian say that they did in fact hear the loud explosion and one said that the blast rattled the windows of their home.