‘Iranian regime is coming to nuclear talks with their back to the Wall’

Street Journal that Iran’s economy is now “fundamentally” incapable of recovery without a nuclear accommodation with the West.

Speaking on sanctions policy he said: “They’re stuck. They can’t fix this economy unless they get sanctions relief.
“I think they are coming to the negotiations with their backs to the wall.”

Mr. Cohen is leaving his post to assume the No. 2 spot at the Central Intelligence Agency next month.

In Washington, many see Mr. Cohen’s rise to the post of deputy CIA director as underscoring the importance the White House now assigns to financial intelligence, the Wall Street Journal wrote.

According to the report, Mr. Cohen will continue to spearhead U.S. efforts to contain Iran, Russia, North Korea and other American adversaries.

Cohen told the Wall Street Journal :“I think it would be accurate to say that the importance of financial tools in our national security toolbox has steadily increased over the past five to 10 years.”

He added: “Had that not been the case…I would have never gotten on the radar screen of somebody like John Brennan , ” the CIA’s director.
nuclear talks with their back to the Wall’