Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Facility Official Dies in Bomb Blast

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian news agencies reported this morning that a key Iranian nuclear expert and a deputy director of Natanz uranium enrichment facilities, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, 32, died today in Tehran following a bomb blast.

Ahmadi Roshan’s driver, Shaghayeghi, who was with him in the car died later in hospital due to injuries received.  His name has not been published yet. 

A pedestrian who also received injuries due to the blast was an 85-year-old man who is currently being treated at a hospital in Tehran. He is said to be in satisfactory condition.

According to Iranian state-run media this morning, Ahmadi Roshan was assassinated while on his way to work at 8:30 am local time.  According to eye witnesses a motorcyclist drove by sticking a magnetic bomb to the right sideof Ahmadi Roshan’s car before driving away.  Bomb exploded about three hundred meters ahead.

Ahmadi Roshan had recently met with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) observers. This is the fourth Iranian nuclear scientist who is assassinated by unknown attackers. 

Ahmadi Roshan was included in the list of persons sanctioned by United Nations Security Council, says Mehr news website.  This agency blames the publication of this list as the best information helping terrorists target Iranian nuclear scientists.