Khamenei vows to continue export of terror to cover up his retreat from nuclear red lines

Four days after reaching a nuclear deal with the world powers, the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei attempted to “cloak his retreat from his nuclear red lines” by saying that the nuclear accord will not affect the regime’s policy of export of terrorism and fundamentalism throughout the region, according to Iran’s major opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

The NCRI said that the regime in Iran is taking advantage of the international community’s indifference to its crimes outside its borders

It said Khamenei has resorted to saber rattling and on Saturday said: Whether the nuclear accord “is approved or not, we shall not allow the basic principles of the Islamic system to be harmed by anyone… whether approved or not, we shall not pull away from supporting our friends in the region, including the innocent nation of Palestine, the innocent nation of Yemen, the people and government of Syria, the people and government of Iraq, the innocent nation of Bahrain, the sincere warriors of the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine. We shall always support them… U.S. policies in the region are 180 degrees different from that of the Islamic Republic.”

In his first public appearance following the Vienna accord, Khamenei decided to convey to his domestic adversaries and to the international community that his hegemony inside the regime is not threatened.

The NCRI said that while Khamenei’s hirelings were shouting prearranged slogans of “death to America” and “death to Mojahedin [PMOI/MEK]”, he stated in a ludicrous lie: “They say that we have stopped Iran’s weapon. Iran’s nuclear weapon has nothing to do with the U.S. talks or negotiations with others; based on the precepts of the Quran and the Islamic Sharia, developing, keeping and using nuclear weapons are religiously forbidden, and we shall not resort to it.”

Khamenei’s absurd remarks are while Rouhani, the Iranian regime’s President, in his book “National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy” acknowledges that “in the year 2000, the Atomic Energy Organization [of Iran] promised officials that by March 2003 it would employ 54000 centrifuges with a capacity to produce 30 tons of 3.5% enriched fuel… the Atomic Energy Organization believed that it should first complete the Natanz site and then inform the IAEA” but the Mojahedin Organization [PMOI/MEK] “suddenly …arranged a press conference and brought fictitious allegations raising much tumult”.

The PMOI (Mujahedin-e Khalq, MEK) is Iran’s main organized opposition group. It is responsible for smuggling out of Iran and exposing to the world many details about Tehran’s secret nuclear sites.