Larijani Says Iran Ready to Talk on Nuclear Issue

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran’s head of parliament, Ali Larijani, announced in Turkey last night that Iran is ready to start a new round of discussion with p5+1 if they are serious.  He responded positively to Turkey’s suggestion last week that the discussions be held in neighboring Turkey.

High Representative Catherine Ashton’s office in Europe who heads the negotiation on behalf of western powers told AFP that it is yet to receive an official response to an October letter she wrote to the Islamic Republic.

A deputy director of Iran’s nuclear program facility located in Natanz was assassinated by a magnetic bomb that was mounted on his car this week.

Rhetoric between Iran and the west has been on the rise recently following a ten day naval drill by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz and when this country announced that it is taking its uranium enrichment activities into the Fardo underground facility to protect it from possible air attacks by Israel and the West.

No possible dates for discussions have been announced yet.